Printable Chickie Paper Puppet Headbands

Free Activity Sheet

Printable Chickie Paper Puppet Headbands

Free Activity Sheet

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It’s time to get creative with Ricky, Kiki and Nicky Chickie!

Let’s put on a play! Hagamos una obra de teatro!

Supplies needed: printed activity sheets; tape; crayons or colored pencils; popsicle sticks or pencils.

This is a great activity for preschool and kindergarten learners.

1) Choose the chickie/pollito you want to be.

Cut out and make your headband/ Corta y haz tu venda.

2) Make chickie puppets. Haz títeres de los pollitos.

Cut out the shape and tape it to a stick or pencil to make a chickie puppet.

Corta la forma, pégalo a un palo o lápiz y haz un títere de pollitos.

3) Sing along to the song lyrics with the lyric sheet from Lesson 1.

4) Use your words! Usa tus palabras!

Hi! My name is ______________ (Kiki Chickie, Nicky Chickie , Ricky Chickie ). What is your name?

¡Hola! Mi nombre es ____________ (Pollito Kiki, Pollito Nicky, Pollito Ricky). ¿Cómo te llamas?

I’m hungry “pío, pío, pío” / Tengo hambre “pío, pío, pío”: Chickie acts as if eating.

Im sleepy “pío, pío, pío” / Tengo sueño “pío, pío, pío”: Chickie acts as if sleeping.

I’m cold “pío, pío, pío”/ Tengo frío “pío, pío, pío”: Chickie acts as if cold.

5) Dance like a chickie! ¡Baila como un pollito!

Let’s flap our wings and dance like a chickie while singing the song again to close.

¡Vamos a agitar nuestras alas y bailar como un pollito mientras cantamos la canción nuevamente para terminar.


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